Introducing Our New Mobile Friendly Website

We live in a truly digital world, and with technology continuing to progress, more and more people are using Internet for business and pleasure and accessing websites via mobile devices, tablets, and even watches.

Some surveys suggest that an astonishing 90% of all web users use a smart device – so it’s safe to say, if they’re online, they are most likely on their phones. 

At Manning, Rommel & Thode Associates – Medical & Surgical Eye Care, we understand the importance of having an easy and reliable website and want to ensure we can provide the support our patients need.

This is why we ventured into a collaboration with a local innovative marketing agency, RODA marketing, and are thrilled to introduce our new, more sophisticated and mobile friendly website! 

Why is a mobile-optimization a necessity for pretty much any business with a website?

Findings by many sources indicate that the business landscape of the 21st century changed significantly in the last five or so years, with Internet usage on mobile devices surpassing PC usage, and that 4 out of 5 consumers will set appointments or make purchases using their smartphones or tablets!

Many surveys have established the impact of having a responsive and user-friendly site, and as we recognized the importance and need to adapt to the new technology trends, we decided to take the next steps to be able to provide quality mobile experiences to our current and future patients.

Part of our branding enterprise has been to ensure you have easy time viewing and navigating our site on your mobile devices.  Our new website also loads faster, another important factor that determines how quickly mobile users leave or stay on a website – and studies have shown they will leave if they have to wait more than 6-10 seconds for a page to load.

In addition to enhanced user experience for site navigation, at Manning, Rommel & Thode Associates, we also wanted to ensure people can easily and quickly get in touch with us with the “click and call” feature on our new site.

Our Medical & Surgical Eye Care center in Lancaster PA performs Cataract and Laser Surgery, Laser Vision Correction, and provide superior eye examinations and Optical Services.

We invite you to begin the journey to better eye health and quality of life today – call our office at 717-393-7980 to make an appointment, or fill in a form on our contact page.