Do I Need Glasses if I Keep Getting Headaches?

Most people will experience headaches at some point in their life. While headaches are usually temporary, sometimes they cause a disruption to our daily lives and need medical evaluation. This includes getting our eye sight evaluated to confirm its functioning properly.

Can headaches come from needing glasses?

There are many reasons why headaches occur in a person and most headaches are not caused by vision issues. It’s important to recognize symptoms that might imply that headaches are caused by eye strain and not some other health issue.

There are a few ways to determine that headaches aren’t related to your vision. One of these ways is if your headaches happen right when you wake up, or in the middle of the night. Eye-related headaches aren’t associated with other symptoms like nausea or vomiting. In these cases, you may have a primary headache disorder.

However, eye strain is one of the signs that you may need glasses. Eye strain can lead to headaches in individuals, which may need to be remedied with glasses. Eyewear can relieve the stress on eyes with prescription glasses that will fix alignment or focus issues. By fixing eye strain, you may be able to stop getting headaches.

Do I need glasses if I keep getting headaches?

This depends on what is causing the headaches. If you find yourself getting headaches after you spend a lot of time reading or looking at a computer screen, you may only need to change your environment to give your eyes more rest.

You can do this by:

  • Rest your eyes occasionally by closing them for 30 seconds
  • Blink often to replenish your eyes
  • Use proper lighting in a room
  • Change the contrast and brightness of your computer screen
  • Improve your posture when you sit at a desk (this includes sitting about an arm’s length away from the computer screen, not slouching, feet comfortably touching the floor, and positioning the screen for eyes to look downward)

While changing your environment may help with eye strain and headaches, you may want to consider getting a routine eye exam to check if there’s an underlying cause for your health problems. You could be suffering from eyesight issues like inflammation, dry eyes, or optic nerve conditions. An ophthalmologist will be able to evaluate your eyesight and determine the root cause of your eye strain and headaches.

An ophthalmologist will be able to determine if you need glasses to prevent eye strains and headaches and they will also be able to diagnose eye disorders and recommend the appropriate treatment.

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