7 Signs You Might Need Glasses

Were you blessed with great vision from a young age?  If so, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll never require the assistance of glasses as you age.  Your vision changes over time and there are specific symptoms you should look out for (pun intended!) and schedule an eye exam to further discuss with your eye doctor. 

Keep in mind that roughly 60% of the world’s population requires some sort of vision correction, so you’re not alone.

Now, let’s dive into the 7 most common signs you might need glasses:

1. Blurred Vision

Can you no longer recognize someone 10 feet away?  Are your favorite books and magazines becoming too fuzzy to read up close?  If so, you may be developing farsightedness or nearsightedness. If you have trouble seeing objects both near and far, you may have an astigmatism (a common condition involving a curvature of the eye lens or cornea).  

2. Double or Distorted Vision

When you see double, it can affect your balance, overall movement and reading ability.  Double vision may indicate problems with your cornea or eye muscles and can lead to serious issues.  It can also be a symptom of cataracts, where your naturally clear eye lens appears cloudy.  If objects look distorted or colors look muted, it may be a sign of macular degeneration, which can lead to vision loss.  If you experience double, cloudy or distorted vision, it’s time to contact the #1 eye care specialists in Lancaster PA

3. Eye Strain or Fatigue

If you can only read for about
20 minutes before your eyes feel tired and worn out, you may be experiencing eye strain.  Eye fatigue results from blurry vision, when you regularly need to squint or blink to bring items into focus, driving, writing or staring at screens excessively.  If these symptoms pertain to you, be sure to drink plenty of water and try adjusting the lighting to reduce glare. 

4. Squinting & Headaches

If you experience eye fatigue, you’re probably also suffering from eye strain headaches, which cause pain and discomfort behind your eyes.  When the mechanism that helps the cornea and lens focus on objects and words fails, the small muscles in the eye are forced to work harder. This can result is eye strain, which can lead to nagging headaches.  If you find yourself squinting in order to focus while reading a book or working on a mobile device, this may be a sign you’re in need of glasses. 

5. Halos

Halos are not always positive and angelic like.  The appearance of “halos” around objects in bright light are not only annoying, but also dangerous when it comes to operating a vehicle or machinery.  If you see halos around objects, it may be a signal of developing cataracts or problems with night vision.  Halos are usually more prevalent in the dark, so be sure to be cautious and avoid driving at night until you meet with skilled optometrists to assess your vision.  

6. Eye Pressure

If you feel pressure behind your eye, it may be a sign of glaucoma, a disease that will damage your optic nerve and can lead to major vision loss.  Luckily though, glaucoma is highly treatable.  While eye pressure buildup can damage the optic nerve that sends images to your brain, it’s important to remember that not everyone who experiences eye pressure necessarily has glaucoma. Still, it would be beneficial to see one of our skilled eye specialists for a routine eye care visit

7. Troubles Adjusting from Dark to Light

Does it take your eyes longer to adjust after seeing bright headlights on the road than it used to?  If your eyes have trouble adjusting from dark to light, it likely means the muscles that help your iris contract and expand are weakening.  This is likely due to age, as are many vision problems.  If your night vision is beginning to fade or driving is becoming more of a hazard, you should have your eyes examined as soon as possible.

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Now that you know the seven leading signs you may need eye glasses, it’s time to reach out to the skilled eye specialists at Manning, Rommel & Thode Associates in Lancaster PA.  Once our board certified ophthalmologists assess your vision and consult with you about your eye concerns, our certified opticians will assist you with all your eyewear needs. 

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