How to Prepare for Laser Vision Correction Surgery in Lancaster, PA

Your upcoming vision correction surgery should improve your quality of life. You can help the procedure succeed by preparing for laser vision correction surgery in Lancaster, PA. Taking the proper steps to prepare will reduce your stress and promote proper healing following the procedure. Here’s what to know about preparing for laser vision correction surgery in Lancaster, PA.

One to Two Weeks Before Surgery

Stock up on Items You’ll Need After Surgery

You are going to need many items at home following your surgery. You should stock up on tissues, non-prescription polarized sunglasses, artificial tears (if recommended by your surgeon), over-the-counter pain medication, and any groceries you will need for about a week after your surgery.

Find Someone to Care for You on the Day of Surgery

You’ll need a ride to and from your surgery. Find someone who can take you to and from the surgery. If your doctor has given you restrictions on activities you can perform after your surgery, get someone to help with anything you may need during the healing time.

Take the Appropriate Amount of Time off Work

Different types of laser eye surgery include LASIK, PRK, and ASA. Different types of laser surgery have different recovery times. Your eye doctor will be able to tell you how long you need to take off work during your recovery, and what else to expect during your recovery. Find out from your eye doctor the appropriate time to take off, then talk to your employer to arrange for this time.

Find out What to Expect on the Day of the Surgery

Ask your eye doctor any questions that you may have about the procedure. Knowing what to expect will help you manage stress and go through the process comfortably.

Get Pre-surgery Instructions From Your Eye Doctor

Your eye doctor may have pre-surgery instructions to help you prepare for the procedure. Get these instructions from your eye doctor. Additionally, you should stop wearing any contact lenses two weeks before your procedure. 

One to Two Days Before Surgery

You should do the following to prepare between one and two days before your procedure:.

  1. Stock up on entertainment. Stock up on podcasts and audiobooks before your surgery to have something to listen to while you are healing.
  2. Confirm that you have someone to care for you and that you have days off. Ensure everyone involved in your recovery time, including your employer and the person driving you to and from the procedure, is on the same page.
  3. Stay hydrated. Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol or caffeine on the day before the procedure. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.
  4. Rest up. Get enough rest the night before your procedure. Most people need at least 8 hours of sleep to feel like themselves the following day.
  5. Clean around your eyes. Makeup and debris around your eyes can lead to infection on the day of your laser vision correction surgery in Lancaster, PA. Clean around your eyes the day before the surgery to avoid infections.
  6. Take care of household chores. It’s better to spend the time during your recovery resting. Complete your household chores, like laundry and cleaning, before your surgery so you can spend more time off your feet later.
  7. Arrange for meals. Make some meals beforehand, then freeze them or put them in the refrigerator. This ensures you can quickly warm your meals when you’re hungry after your surgery.

Taking these steps can lessen the chance of any potential challenges you may face during your recovery.

Day of Surgery

The day of your surgery is an important one. Preparing in advance will make it easier to relax on the day of the procedure. You can take it easy knowing that you have done everything possible to prepare for your laser vision correction surgery in Lancaster, PA.

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